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Is Delta-8 Legal in Tennessee?

Are you familiar with Delta-8? Today we break down what it is and where to find out more about Delta-8 THC in Nashville & Middle Tennessee. 

Delta-8 THC is 1 of 140+ compounds found in cannabis that has become increasingly popular due to the similarity to Delta-9 (aka weed, pot, gahnja, marijuana, D9THC, etc.). Delta-9 users have been known to experience feelings of euphoria, increased hunger, symptom relief, and more. Basically, the 2 cannabinoids share similar chemical structures + their names.


Is it legal in Tennessee? 

Currently, Tennessee allows Delta-8 THC & it is available locally. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, hemp-derivatives are legal in the state; however, products have to have a Delta-9 THC level below 0.3%. Anything above that is illegal in the state, for now.


Buying Delta-8 THC in Tennessee

Delta-8 THC can now be found on store shelves in the form of edibles, syrups, vapes, joints and other forms - and it provides a similar but milder high compared to Delta-9 THC. Because it falls into a gray area based on the plant it's extracted from, Delta-8 products are all legal to sell and consume in Tennessee.

Buying delta-8 in Tennessee is perfectly legal and easily accessible. You can purchase through delta-8 THC products online or through licensed CBD dispensaries, many of which are located in the Nashville, Knoxville, and Cookeville areas. 

From Knoxville to Nashville and Memphis to Chattanooga, Delta-8 products are providing farmers an avenue to sell their biomass and giving small businesses some relief after the onslaught of the pandemic.


Which online delta-8 brands ship to Tennessee?

We understand not everyone in Tennessee has easy access to physical CBD dispensaries, which is why purchasing Delta-8 online is the most convenient avenue you can take. 

There are many online Delta-8 companies to choose from. Knowing which ones are legit or not is a struggle many face, especially when you consider the hemp industry’s lack of regulatory oversight. Click here to learn more about what to look for.


Is Delta-8 Legal In Tennessee? (Final Thoughts)

Delta-8 THC is a trend that is predicted to only increase in popularity in the coming years. However, the cannabinoid remains in a legal gray area, and many states are moving to ban or restrict its use. Therefore, we have created a series of state-by-state guides on the legality of Delta-8.

The answer to the question “is Delta-8 legal in Tennessee,” is yes. Like federal law, Tennessee state law deems all hemp derivatives, cannabinoids, and isomers legal. As long as the Delta-8 is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, you can buy and use it legally.

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